Take These Broken Wings and Fly - Susan and Bruce Hines


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Cooking Directions:

  1. 25 wings (cut into 2 sections); Place wing parts into 1 gal zip-lock bag with ½ cup of Wicker’s Original Marinade & Baste (shake well  first). Remove air from bag and massage your chook to coat, & refrigerate overnight.
  2. Set up for direct grilling, & heat Egg to 400F. We use large Egg & 25 pieces fill our grill without overlapping wing parts.
  3. Grill 15 minutes, burp your Egg twice, & turn your wings quickly & recover Egg. Heat has reduced so grill 2nd side another 15-20 minutes & flap your wings into a large bowl. Toss with ¼ - ½ c. Gates Extra Hot (Kansas City’s Own Bar-B-Q Sauce).
  4. Bite’em! We served our wings with some Bob’s Blue Cheese Dressing, slightly thinned with milk, & some carrots/celery in case you or your friends have a wimpy Richter scale palate.


Susan and Bruce Hines – EggFest 2010 recipe